Sunday, July 15, 2012

Brewers take two of three from Pirates, who are still striking out

Gosh frick, do the Pittsburgh Pirates have a terrible offense. After striking out a remarkable 15 times in a win against the Brewers on Saturday, the Pirates upped the ante on themselves by whiffing 17 times in a loss to Milwaukee on Sunday. Brewers starting pitchers Marco Estrada and Yovani Gallardo punched out 11 and 14 Pirates respectively, and if it weren't for some shoddy defense on Saturday the Brewers might have had their second sweep of the season.

Speaking of defense, the Pirates aren't good at that either. For reasons that no one can understand, manager Clint Hurdle plays butcher Pedro Alvarez at third base while playing slow-but-reliable fielder Casey McGehee at first. McGehee has been a career third baseman, while Alvarez should be a career DH. Oh yeah, and Sunday's corner outfielders were Drew Sutton and Garrett Jones, two of the worst defensive outfielders in all of baseball (Jones should be playing first base, Sutton has been a utility infielder for most of his career). 

                                   Every time a ball is hit to Pedro Alvarez, a demon gets it's horns.

In a sequence of events that should have surprised no one, the Brewers scored all four of their runs in one inning, helped out by a horrific throwing error by Jones and an fielding error by Alvarez that the official scorer later changed to a double for some reason. Brewers slug/third baseman Aramis Ramirez even stole a base in the inning, which happened because the Pirates are the worst team in baseball at throwing out basestealers. And Pirates catcher Rod Barajas' throw was so bad it injured second baseman Neil Walker.

And going back to the Pirates' offense for a second, Andrew McCutchen is amazing. He hit a home run in every game of the series (four in a row overall), and was on base three times today. Everyone else on the team reached base twice. In 28 attempts. And struck out 17 times. Gallardo's 14 K's were a career high. You'd think that the Pirates offense wasn't all that terrible considering they scored 13 runs on the first two games of the series, but for the season they are 22nd in runs scored. McCutchen is by himself. Get him some help, Pirates. 

Maybe Justin Upton?

But probably not. 

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