Monday, August 6, 2012

On bunting, with a link!

After a raging Twitter debate last night about Ron Roenicke and bunting, I was preparing to do research on the subject when I stumbled on this article, which is nothing short of genius. I've always been in the anti-bunt camp, but I don't consider it a fireable offense, especially considering the other strategic principles Roenicke employs. In fact, it's always flummoxed me how Roenicke can follow other sabermetric ideas (defensive shifts, refusal to issue intentional walks, platoons when necessary, catcher usage, etc.) yet bunt so much. The aforementioned article sheds some light on why managers in general still use the bunt as an offensive tool. I still hate the play, but it explains that managers might not be the blithering imbeciles we assume they are. So if you have any interest in the subject at all, I suggest you read the linked article above. It's a little long and math-y, but great nonetheless.

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