Saturday, October 6, 2012

Sam Holbrook strikes again

Does this look like an infield fly to you?

Well, it apparently did to umpire Sam Holbrook, who called the infield fly rule. Ah yes, those tricky infield flies that happen to occur 50 feet into the outfield. Not only did he make a poor judgement call, he waited to make the signal until the the last second. He didn't even raise his hand until after Cards SS Pete Kozma backed off from making the catch. And for the Braves, who wound up losing 6-3 to the Cardinals, it went from a bases loaded, one out situation to a second and third, two out situation (the hitter is automatically deemed out when the infield fly rule is declared). It's not fair to the Cardinals (who played well) to assume that the Braves would have won or even scored if the call was made correctly, but it still reflects badly on the sport that a call like this was made in a do-or-die playoff game.

Holbrook is also the doof that once ejected Zack Greinke four pitches into a game for no reason. Good work, MLB.

.gif courtesy of the dudes at Getting Blanked.

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