Wednesday, February 13, 2013


With Spring Training all up ons, it's not only time for real baseball but pretend baseball. Thus, we at The Book of Gorman bring you the first annual Book of Gorman fantasy baseball league(s). So if you like fantasy baseball and you want to attempt to school some third-rate bloggers, now's your chance! If you're interested, either email me at or DM me your email on twitter. Don't worry about getting in, we'll create as many leagues as are necessary to get everyone in, and the drafts won't start until the week before the start of the regular season (March 31st). If only certain days work for you as far as drafting, let me know in the email/message, and I'll try and set you up in a league that will draft those days. I chose ESPN as the provider, because Yahoo sucks and is bad. As for the leagues themselves, here are the rules:

  • Please play out the season, even if your team sucks. A league with dead teams is no fun.
  • Your team name must be clever. "Team Johnson" is lame (unless you mean it as a double entendre) 
  • Trash talk is fine, but don't get personal. This is for fun, not creating enemies.
  • Have fun.

And here's the scoring

  • Live draft, snake fashion
  • Head-to-head (because rotisserie is bland)
  • Ten-team leagues, depending on number of responses (if we get 48 entrants, we'll just go with four 12-team leagues, etc.)
  • Waiver system for free agents
  • Daily transactions (10 moves per week limit)
  • 29 roster spots. They are as follows:  
First Base
Second Base
Third Base
Corner Infielder (1B/3B)
Middle Infielder (2B/SS)
Outfield (5 slots)
Utility (2 slots)
Starting Pitcher (5 spots)
Relief Pitcher (4 spots)
Pitcher (2 spots)
Bench (4 spots)
DL (2 spots)
  • There are ten scoring categories (five offense, five pitching) They are:
Home runs
Slugging percentage
Runs created (runs + RBI)
Net stolen bases
On-base percentage

Saves + holds
Quality starts

The scoring categories are not traditional, but I chose those ones because I feel it more reflects what is valuable in actual baseball. While the categories may be different, it shouldn't really change strategy a whole lot; you still just want good players. So if you are interested, let me know. And once again, have fun. 


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